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Brilliant Luck

A Fanzine

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Brilliant Luck is a fanzine devoted to sharing the love of webcomics, video games, anime, and manga. The magazine will be sent out monthly as a pdf to anyone who subscribes. Currently, the staff is working on the first issue, which will run under the theme Psychological/Suspense.

Brilliant Luck runs on your submissions! We accept submissions of icons, wallpaper, fanart, fanfiction, reviews, articles, or whatever else seems like a good idea to throw in.

To subscribe to Brilliant Luck, send an e-mail to brilliantluck@gmail.com with the header 'SUBSCRIBE'.

To submit to Brilliant Luck, sned an e-mail to brilliantluck@gmail.com with the header 'SUBMISSION'. If you have written something, please include it in the body of the e-mail. If it is artwork or some other picture file, please include a link. Please remember that not all submissions will be accepted.

A fanzine, for those of you who don't know, is a non-profit magazine that contains media, reviews, fanfiction, and all kinds of other things pertaining to certain subjects. In this case, Brilliant Luck tries to cover the best in anime, manga, video games, and webcomics, while staying within a different theme every issue.